Stay Up to Speed with the Latest House Music with Win and Woo Mixtapes


Pick one or pick all four. You cannot go wrong with listening to Win and Woo‘s mixtapes. Win and Woo’s mixtapes are kinda like Pokemon as in once you hear any one of them, you will have to hear them all. Win and Woo The Chicago duo, compromised of longtime friends Nick Winholt and Austin Woo, bring together a special blend of music every month. As of this moment, the four part series brings together music from a wide range of angles. I can guarantee they are worth every second of your time. Save yourself the hours of digging for new music and just listen to these mixtapes to get up to speed on the latest house music. If these samples have you wanting more Win and Woo, you can catch them later this month. The pair go on tour with Chicago’s favorite, Whethan. Check out some tour dates below and be sure to hit them up on any one of there media outlets for new information. 13 Sep The Marc w/ Whethan San Marcos, TX Stereo Live w/ Whethan Dallas, TX Stereo Live w/ Whethan Houston, TX Varsity Theatre w/ Whethan Minneapolis, MN The Majestic Theatre w/ Whethan Detroit, MI Now listen to Win and Woo’s latest release ‘Beam Me Up’: 

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